Fee is fixed and collected in order to meet the total expenditure, both recurring and non-recurring of the institution.This also supports to plan for future development phase wise.
  • Our School strictly follows the “No Homework Policy” till grade 2.
  • The school strongly believes that homework should not interfere with or undermine co-curricular activities including those of a social nature. It is crucial that learners are given a timely opportunity to be involved in meaningful leisure activities. In this regard, the school strictly follows a weekly homework schedule that gives our students the opportunity and time to balance both academics and co –curricular. The schedule gives enough time to both writing and reading aspects across subjects. All the subjects including co-curricular are given equal importance while setting the tasks to be given to students. The school follows a three subject homework schedule with one reading assignment, problem-solving in maths and a writing task. The blend of the three subjects a day schedule allows the students to give sufficient time and effort to each subject.

The school’s vision statement strongly states in building a global citizen equipped with the required set of 21st century skills. The need for achievement and desire for creativity, meeting the expectation and aspiration of the society and the stakeholders and improving the quality of teaching and learning outcome absolutely calls for the best and innovative practices followed by the school.
1. ICT is the integral part of the teaching learning process and the school administration.
2. The school has adopted the most advanced tool of communication through ERP.
3. Students are opportuned with the best platforms to kindle their creativity and showcase their talent in not only enhancing their learning but also in the betterment of the society:

Guest talks – Language Enrichment Workshop (LSRW) by international language experts.
Participation at National level Young Innovators Program – Designed an Arthritis Shoe and a Smart Stick for the visually challenged.
Educational trips and tours that supports the learning as well as the physical and social development of the students.
4. Educating and sensitising students towards the growing changes in the environment and shouldering their social and moral responsibility through various initiatives like

Save Water theme based year observance.
Plastic Never, Jute Forever – Students working towards making the school and their surroundings free from single use plastic.
Conducting walks and awareness drives on the need to educate people on Climate Change.


Co-curricular activities are designed and balanced with academic curriculum so that every student gets to learn beyond subjects. Students perform co-curricular activities in schools, which help them sharpen their communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, participation and sense of belongingness through different activities like debates, recitation, art and craft, creative art competitions, classroom activities like reading, group discussions etc. The students through co-curricular activities learn essential ethical values about different cultures, religions, events of national and international importance as well as discipline and school life ethics and develop leadership skills, team integrity and coordination skills.

Inter House Competitions at School level (Music, Art, Dance, Science, Language)
Inter School Sports Events
Inter DPS Tournaments:
Football Tournament
Basket ball Tournament – Boys, Girls
Chess Tournament
Golf Championship
Dance Competition
Music Competition
Participation in Science, Math, English, Cyber and NASA Olympiads at all levels.
Lego League
Celebrating all festivals
Guest Talks
Awareness campaigns
Special Observances

The importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. The School believes in the holistic growth of the students. Students get equal opportunities to play while they learn through various sports & games held at school. Sports & games are an integral part of schooling and expert hands coach the students to participate in Championships. Apart from games students are given extensive coaching to further their learning at Archery, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, Kho Kho, Chess and Karate. Playing games & sports increases a sense of competitiveness among the students. They learn how to compete with each other in order to win. Students have participated at various competitions
Arts education (Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Dramatics) has been integrated as a part of our curriculum. Students are introduced to various forms of arts at school. Students learn to express themselves through colours, sketches, painting, dance (Classical and Western), music (instrumental and vocal), dramatics (skits, role plays). The plethora of activities planned in these areas is incorporated in the regular curriculum to better the learning environment. Children follow their passion in arts participating in varied internal and external competitions. Inter house and Inter School Dance and Music festivals, Debates, Role plays, Skits, Drawing and Painting events are conducted throughout the year.

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