School Highlights

Holistic Learning Ambience

Most of the student’s day time is spent in the school. Understanding this, the DPS School complex provides the learning space and facilities to ignite young minds from the time they enter the premises to the time they leave. From corridors to classrooms, from laboratories to library, everything is designed keeping in mind the developmental and educational needs of the students.

Classroom academics are balanced with a host of co-curricular activities tohelp maximize the holistic development of children in all spheres. No part of the child’s life is neglected.

Space For Physical Development

A playground and well-equipped park invites children to engage in sports and physical activities that promote physical health and fitness. These physical activities also develop discipline, sportsmanship, motor skills and focus.

Students can engage in horse riding, swimming, chess, karate and many other options. Young children can creatively utilize their abundant energy in the sand pit and water play.

Academics For A Strong Mind

The world renowned Delhi Public School Academic System is supported by educational exchange programs. Our students learn to be strong in maths, science and English, giving them firm foundations for higher studies and challenging careers. Remedial classes ensure that everyone’s learning needs are taken care of. The school also features Abacus and Robotics, bringing together traditional and modern learning technologies.

Students build their IT skills in well-equipped Computer Labs, complete with the required educational software and hardware. The power of the world wide web is harnessed for learning and discovery.

It Powered Classrooms

Classrooms are computer equipped withsmart technology to enablelearning.The digital power ofpath-breathing Tata Smart Classes has been installed to assist teacherswith audio-visual display systems that help children learn effectively.Concepts are clarified and essentials embedded for retention and application. Air conditioning ensures a stress free and comfortable learning environment.

Caring School Faculty

DPS Visakhapatnam North chooses its teachers and staff with care. Degree alone is not enough. The teaching team at the school is sensitive and knowledgeable. Rapport between teacher and student is essential for the mental and emotional development of the students. DPS teachers are well qualified and have a passion for enabling children.

DPS students enjoy multicultural exposure that prepares them for a globalized world. Educational field trips help expand their minds, touch their hearts, and stretch their imagination.

Holistic Learning Approach

The vitality of the classroom, the energy of the play fields and the provision of the myriad opportunities for growth enables DPS students to explore and maximize their potential, whether it is securing distinction in academic examinations or winning accolades in dramas, debates, quizzes or sporting activities.

The school’s service quality emerges from the wonderful blend of the motto “Service Before Self” and the pursuit of excellence. Today, Delhi Public School, Visakhapatnam North stands as a “citadel of learning and a harbinger of quality consciousness,” committed to igniting young minds and inspiring tender hearts.

Philosophy Of The School

Delhi Public School Visakhapatnam North believes in preparing children for their future by equipping them with fundamental knowledge and values.

The school’s teaching methodology is learner centric and provides for a fully integrated learning system. It caters to the future needs of both the society and the individual child.

Parents School Partnership

DPS School considers parents as crucial partners in their child’s development. We therefore take feedback seriously and nurture our partnership through home visits, regular phone calls, and an open-door parent – teacher meeting. We provide meaningful inputs for parents through a series of workshops conducted by experts. We engage parents as judges for school activities and take their helpfor various activities.

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