Notice For Parents
Notice For Parents

This notice is for all the parents of Delhi Public School students who are using private commercial vehicles.

You are hereby informed that you are solely responsible for the safety of your children and the school will not be held responsible for any untoward incident in this connection.

Students can avail the school transport arrangements subject to the availability of seats. The school does not entertain any request for change in bus routes to suit an individual’s convenience.

Change of bus stop for a day or a week is not entertained. As a rule such request should not be made.

In case of emergency or sickness parents should take their child personally from the school, with the permission of the principal.

Parents of students are not allowed to travel in the bus under any circumstances.

Parents are requested to see that children are escorted to and from the bus.

Children / Escort should be at the bus stop ten minutes before the expected arrival of the bus.

Students are not permitted to travel by any bus except the one allotted to them.

The students are expected to reach the bus stop 10 minutes before the arrival time of the bus.

Each student is expected to board or get down from the school bus only at his/her regular stop, not just anywhere as per his/her convenience.

Changing to a different school bus on the same day is not permitted.

Children travelling by school bus shall not be picked up by the parents from school and shall travel only in the school bus.

In case of any problem regarding buses, the transport-in-charge may be contacted on the following numbers.

ROUTE – 1 8886611220
ROUTE – 2 8886611212
ROUTE – 3 8886611213
ROUTE – 4 8886611214
ROUTE – 5 8886611215
ROUTE – 6 8886611216
ROUTE – 7 8886611217
ROUTE – 8 8886611218
Transport In-charge Number – 8886611221

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